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The Graphing Calculator: Your Best Friend at School?

It used to be considered cheating to bring a calculator to your math class or to use it on a test. Today however teachers are more concerned with students developing formulas and equations than anything else. This is where the graphing calculator comes in. They were first brought to market in 1985 by Casio but did not become popular until Texas Instruments and their TI-81 model in 1990. Soon after, it became a part of the school supply list for students ages 10 all the way through High School.

Graphing Calculators and Schools

Once students make it into algebra and beyond the graphing calculator becomes their best friend. Of course it did almost anything you would need and it was programmable too. Various options were available depending on the model. They could be programmed on the computer and then the file could be sent to the calculator via a USB cable. They can also be programmed on the calculator itself. The point of all this programming was mostly to help automate frequently used formulas and functions.

When the student gets used to working the graphing calculator they can use it throughout their entire High School career. Formulas, graphs, charts, even small games can be run on these. For the most part, aside from faster processors the graphing calculator has not changed all that much. Many of the newer ones act more like a PDA with calculator functionality allowing you to interact with a calendar or task list. They can actually be really helpful in school for a variety of reasons.

Taking Math to the Next Level

Let’s face it, not everybody loves math. It is comparable to something like eating octopus. You either like it or you don’t but at first you don’t want to try it because it looks different. The truth is for the people who like math, it can be challenging and fun. In addition it does not matter what profession you go to later in life you will use math at some point. For certain professions without math you are not going to make it. Jobs like being an engineer, chemist, or scientist of some kind. Math is an essential part of all those jobs and many more.

The graphing calculator is a tool. It is a tool that will help a student from the very first time they use it and all the way through high school. Some people are even still using their high school graphing calculator in college. Of course something like that is a bit on the extreme side. Not everyone is going to keep one particular calculator that long. Still, they are a good investment. Some kids will use the same one from Junior High all the way through High School.

The Online Calculator

Graphing calculators do not always need to be a physical hand-held device. Today there are a variety of mobile apps that can turn your smart phone into a pretty good scientific calculator. The benefits of doing this are for one the money. You already have a phone and if you have to pay for the app chances are it is under a couple of dollars. There is nothing wrong with using either the mobile app or going online with your browser and finding a calculator on the Internet. There is quite a few that rival any calculator sold in stores. Some advocates of the online variety of graphic calculator will boast that they are better by far simply because of the other options they offer. You can always minimize the window that contains the calculator and do something else. You cannot multitask with a hand-held.


4 Reasons for Using a Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculators have become more of a required necessity for more and more people instead of an optional luxury when it comes to performing a wide variety of mathematical functions. Even though these calculators used to be a required supply for advanced math students, it has become necessary within more and more classrooms over the years due to an expanding curriculum throughout the country. However, there are several key benefits that can be experienced simply by making the decision to use a graphing calculator online instead. What are several of these key benefits?

A Direct Connection to the Real World

Using a graphing calculator online will allow students to establish a direct connection to real-life scenarios and situations. This allows teachers to be able to formulate an extensive series of regression models that will fit the necessary requirements of the equation, problem or question that is trying to be explained. Data analysis overall is something that is not very easy to understand traditionally on paper, but it is something that a student can easily associate with real, concrete examples.

Enhanced Performance and Speed

By using a graphing calculator online, students will also be able to benefit from the experience of an enhanced performance when it comes to completing their work and various assignments as well. Within their mathematics and advanced science classes, they will have an effective online tool that is necessary in order to get the answers that they need in a fraction of the time that they would have spent even if they were using a traditional, basic calculator. This will allow them to increase their internal levels of confidence in their own abilities as well as keep them interested in learning even more within the standard classroom.

Save a Substantial Amount of Money

Keep in mind that the average graphing calculator costs at least $100, making it one of the most expensive school supplies on the required supply list for most students throughout the country. The vast majority of basic and scientific calculators do not cost anywhere near as much as these advanced models, but they also are nowhere near as efficient. When it comes to handling difficult subjects (such as Calculus and Physics), students can rest assured in knowing that they have exactly what they need to get the job done without delay.

A Strong Appetite for Math and Science

Research studies have proven over the years that accessing a graphing calculator online will also stimulate and further the appetite of the average student for learning more about mathematics and science. Even students that would normally hate these particular subjects will start to realize that they are not as difficult and hard to grasp as they once thought in the past primarily because of the fact that they now have the perfect tool that will allow them to achieve success in these subjects. This will also increase the likelihood of them being willing to take more advanced classes in these particular subjects in the future, such as when they attend college and graduate school.

Online Scientific Calculator: Online Vs Hand-Held

You can almost find anything that you need on the web these days, and if you’re looking for an online scientific calculator you are in luck. Just a quick Google search on the phrase pulls up over 8 million results. For the most part, anytime you have a connection to the Internet you could have access to the online scientific calculator and in this day and age that is almost always.

Who Uses it and Why

A scientific calculator is basically a massive extension of a standard one. Using one online is just a website that has a page set up to look and function just like a hand-held model. The only real requirement is that your web browser has an updated Flash driver and you will be off and running. It does not get much more complicated than that. Most mobile phones and tablets today can run flash so if you need to use the online scientific calculator and you do not have access to your laptop or computer, you can always use your phone or tablet.

Now calculators seem to be everywhere these days. Windows and Mac both have them, phones have them, and almost everything has some sort of calculator functionality. So who is going to need to go far enough as to use a scientific one? Well for one, engineers would. They frequently have a need for complex mathematical equations. The obvious guess would be a high school math teacher, but chances are they will have a hand-held model.

Online versus Hand-Held 

It is not all that difficult to find graphing calculators in most stores. Since 1990 they were in the middle of a sort of boom because schools were starting to require the students have one as part of their supplies. Manufacturers were making them like crazy and every year a new and improved model would hit the market. With the growth of the Internet and explosion of smart phones, these calculators are not as needed anymore.

So which route should one take? What if you are a student, do you need one or can you use an online scientific calculator instead? Most teachers actually want students to have the physical calculator in class. Reason being, if the student is using a graphing calculator app on their phone, how is the teacher to know they are using the calculator or their phones other functions? Furthermore teachers want their students to learn how to use the calculators properly. Not all the apps are identical and it is near impossible to make sure everyone uses the same one.

With a physical calculator a teacher can make sure all students have the same model. Class can be taught knowing that the student is looking at the same thing the teacher is. That is however only one group of people who use these tools. Online scientific calculators come in many shapes and sizes but they all basically do the same thing, they calculate. Functions, trigonometry, calculus, and more are all done with such calculators and utilizing one online can make things easier for say a chemist giving a seminar. Everything has its place and there are many who benefit from the various online scientific calculators.

Graphing Calculators: Top 3 (plus some others)

Before the advent of the digital age i.e. the Internet Age, those who needed graphs had to rely on old-fashioned methods in order to get exactly what they wanted. Now, it’s quite simple to access automated graphing tools via the World Wide Web. These graphs may be generated by an online graphic calculator which offers polished and accurate results in mere seconds (or moments at the most).

However, every online graphing calculator is different. In order to make the most of this type of online application, it’s important to seek out a design that is respected by those who graph online, as well as one that is made to suit your needs.

Which Online Graphing Calculator is Right for You?

Examples of popular online graphing calculators which are available online include:

The Equation Grapher 2.02

This design is used in order to graph lines and quadratics and it features an intuitive interface that is very simple to use and understand. If you like, you have the option of downloading this application, so that you may access it on your own PC hard drive whenever the need arises. You can find it here.

The GCalc Java Online Graphing Calculator

This interface is known as GCalc for short, and it’s designed to offer superlative, math-based graphing via the Web. If you need help with graphing for calculus, pre-calculus and/or algebra, you’ll find that this comprehensive application has all of the bells and whistles that you really need. You can find it here.

The Holy McDougal Graphing Calculator

This calculator is known for its fresh, crisp and visually-appealing interface. It allows you to add multiple plot points, to zoom in on the particulars of each graph and to enjoy full-color display as you prepare graphs. You can find it here.

Other Online Graphing Calculators are Available

Jeff Thomas lists a few more here as the three online graphing calculators mentioned represent just a small portion of what is out there. You may use Google or another search engine in order to find other graphing calculators. However, when it comes to getting good results, these tried-and-true calculators will get the job done for you. So, why not bookmark your favorites, so as to make the most of your graphing, whenever you need to?

Now that you know more about online graphing calculators, which may be used for a range of purposes, you’ll be ready to enjoy these useful tools at any time. Because they take the guesswork out of creating accurate graphs, they make it simple to generate great results in no time flat.

Simply add plot points as desired, enter in any other relevant information and then press a button. Within a very short period of time, you’ll be able to enjoy superb graphing that expresses your mathematical data to absolute perfection.

The Apps Take Care of All of the Details

So, why waste time and energy making your own graphs the old-fashioned way? With the power of online graphing calculators, you can put down your pencil and math kit and use calculators found via the World Wide Web. These fun and handy applications will do all of the hard work for you, and they’ll make the process of graphing easier than it’s ever been before.

The Benefits of Using a Texas TI-84 Graphing Calculator

The TI-84 graphing calculator is truly one of the most popular school supplies that are required in the vast majority of middle and high schools throughout the United States online. Even though there are quite a few other brands and manufacturers that have developed advanced calculators (including graphing calculators) over the years, Texas Instruments is the most popular brand that is currently available when it comes to these products.

In most department and electronic stores, you will more than likely see the TI-84 graphing calculator prominently displayed among many other Texas Instruments (TI) models, but there are many stores and companies that do not even sell any other type of graphing calculator. However, there are several key benefits that can be experienced just by exploring the TI-84 graphing calculator online.

The Advantage of Absolute Mobility

There are not that many people that would be willing to carry around their graphing calculators within them throughout the day, especially if they did not particularly need to have that calculator handy on any given day. For example, a student might be willing to carry it around with them if they are going to be attending an advanced math class that day, but achieving a true sense of mobility with a traditional graphing calculator. However, by using the TI-84 graphing calculator online, you will be able to benefit greatly from having that advanced sense of mobility. You will be able to easily access this online tool wherever and whenever you have Internet access. There are even many different mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets that can be used to easily access this calculator as well.

Think of the Monetary Savings

Along with enjoying the high level of mobility with a TI 84 graphing calculator online, you also need to take a few moments to realize that you will be able to enjoy a substantial amount of savings in your wallet as well. The average TI 84 graphing calculator can easily be priced more than $100 and most students are not going to use this graphing calculator enough times to truly justify that expense. Therefore, being able to simply access it when necessary on the Internet will save money and allow those students to reinvest their available funds in other areas that can benefit them and their educational pursuits.

The Value of Online Updates

When you purchase a TI-84 graphing calculator traditionally, you are basically stuck with that particular model. Therefore, when an upgraded model with an updated system is released to the market, you would simply have to purchase that new calculator in addition to the one that you already have in order to benefit from those modifications. On the other hand, when you are using a TI 84 graphing calculator online, you will always be able to have direct access to the most updated version of the calculator right away without having to pay any extra money to do so. This is just another benefit of focusing on using the TI-84 graphing calculator online instead of in physical form.

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