Free Online Graphing Calculators – Pay Nothing, Solve Everything!

Graphing Calculators have made the lives of mathematical students and professors, way easier than they used to be, in the past. In the olden days, working simultaneously on mathematical equations basically meant to go around in circles, spending way too much time and getting the wrong results. However, all of this changed with the arrival of graphing calculators which are basically types of scientific calculators which allows the users to plot graphs, work simultaneously on equations and perform several other tasks with different variables.

Before online graphing calculators, handheld calculators were used to produce graphs of various equations. However, when Online Graphing Calculators were introduced, people became more inclined towards them.  Now, if you do an internet research on online graphing calculators, you will come up with a lot of results, but deciding which online graphing calculator would be best for you, can be a bit tiring, as there are no hard and fast answers, when it comes to which online graphing calculator is the ‘best’.

The easiest way to determine which online graphing calculator would work for you, is to first understand what you are wanting to do with that calculator, what is the difficulty level of the equations and graphs that you are going to be working with, would a simple online graphing calculator suffice or would you be wanting something which has more features etc. Once you determine such things, then you can have a look at the online graphing calculator options that you are presented with and select that one which is most suitable for your needs.

Most online graphing calculators have versions which are compatible with iPad as well, so if you have an iPad, you can simply download this from the online store and make use of it. However, there are sites which are not compatible with iPads. Whatever the case, the best thing about these online graphing calculators is that they are totally free. While the ordinary graphing calculators also do not cost much, but the ones that are available online cost you absolutely nothing at all.

As mentioned earlier, selecting the right online graphing calculator may require some searching around, however, following is a list of some of the best free online graphing calculator sites which you will find. This is just a short list, comprising of only a few of the online sites that offer free graphing calculators, you may come across a few more, if you do your own little internet research.

Desmos Graphing Calculator- : This site offers free Graphing Calculator and even has a Google Chrome app which you can easily install from the Google Web Store. However, this app will not be iPad compatible, as it is a flash app.

If you are looking for something simpler, not too complex then Function Grapher may be a good option. It is easier to use.

Graphical Function Explorer (GFE): This is very similar to a graphing calculator which allows you to enter and plot 3 equations, simultaneously.