Online Scientific Calculator: Online Vs Hand-Held

You can almost find anything that you need on the web these days, and if you’re looking for an online scientific calculator you are in luck. Just a quick Google search on the phrase pulls up over 8 million results. For the most part, anytime you have a connection to the Internet you could have access to the online scientific calculator and in this day and age that is almost always.

Who Uses it and Why

A scientific calculator is basically a massive extension of a standard one. Using one online is just a website that has a page set up to look and function just like a hand-held model. The only real requirement is that your web browser has an updated Flash driver and you will be off and running. It does not get much more complicated than that. Most mobile phones and tablets today can run flash so if you need to use the online scientific calculator and you do not have access to your laptop or computer, you can always use your phone or tablet.

Now calculators seem to be everywhere these days. Windows and Mac both have them, phones have them, and almost everything has some sort of calculator functionality. So who is going to need to go far enough as to use a scientific one? Well for one, engineers would. They frequently have a need for complex mathematical equations. The obvious guess would be a high school math teacher, but chances are they will have a hand-held model.

Online versus Hand-Held 

It is not all that difficult to find graphing calculators in most stores. Since 1990 they were in the middle of a sort of boom because schools were starting to require the students have one as part of their supplies. Manufacturers were making them like crazy and every year a new and improved model would hit the market. With the growth of the Internet and explosion of smart phones, these calculators are not as needed anymore.

So which route should one take? What if you are a student, do you need one or can you use an online scientific calculator instead? Most teachers actually want students to have the physical calculator in class. Reason being, if the student is using a graphing calculator app on their phone, how is the teacher to know they are using the calculator or their phones other functions? Furthermore teachers want their students to learn how to use the calculators properly. Not all the apps are identical and it is near impossible to make sure everyone uses the same one.

With a physical calculator a teacher can make sure all students have the same model. Class can be taught knowing that the student is looking at the same thing the teacher is. That is however only one group of people who use these tools. Online scientific calculators come in many shapes and sizes but they all basically do the same thing, they calculate. Functions, trigonometry, calculus, and more are all done with such calculators and utilizing one online can make things easier for say a chemist giving a seminar. Everything has its place and there are many who benefit from the various online scientific calculators.